Daniel J. Pirone Seattle, WA 98144 | dpirone@forehead.com

Technical Skills

Programming Languages and Technologies


ChatitiveMay, 2016 - Present

V.P. of Engineering

Designed, Developed, and Operated SaaS for modern Commerce, Marketing, and Operational messageing over SMS/MMS. We have dozens of customers, 5+ million subscribers, and have facilitated more than 200 million conversations.

Qumulo December, 2012 - April, 2016

Member of Technical Staff

Developing the next generation of enterprise storage solutions.
Focused on UX / UI, employing HTML5 to create exceptional enterprise storage experiences

Nuance Communications July, 2011 - November, 2012

Principal Software Engineer

Nuance Mobile Care:
Native iOS, Android, and PhoneGap Customer Care Applications for major telcos
NINA speech control for banking and telco mobile apps

Consultant July, 2009 - July, 2011

Architect / Software Engineer / Systems Engineer

Founded online music distribution system ( DIYstro.com )
Developed Amazon EC2 cloud computing automation tools for UW Astro Physics Group
Developed Passport Unlimited iPhone and Android Applications
Extensive custom software for Drupal CMS

Jambool, Inc July, 2008 - July, 2009

Senior Software and Systems Engineer / Architect

Development of payment and virtual currency APIs in the social gaming space

Jambool was aquired by Google in August, 2010

Consultant April, 2008 - June, 2008

Architect / Software Engineer / Systems Engineer

Worked with local startups to scale application prototypes in pursuit of venture capital financing

Qpass | Amdocs September, 2005 - April, 2008

Senior Architect

Designed and implemented enterprise deployment management and automation systems. Customers included: AT&T, Nextel/Sprint, Starz, Alltel, Dobson, Triton, MetroPCS

Consultant September, 2003 - September, 2005

Software and Systems Consultant / Engineer

Developed and Extended a Content Management System for FultonIT that is used to power several commercial and non-profit websites. Technical Due Diligence reporting for Swiftsure Capital LLC. Further Qpass subcontracting (see below.)

Qpass, Senior Software Engineer September, 2002 - September, 2003

Systems and Deployment Software Engineer

Developed, Maintained various service subsystems (J2EE: Entity & Stateless Session Beans). Designed, Developed, Maintained automated build, package, and deployment system for Qpass Prosperity Series software.

Work included: Apache httpd 2.0.50, Tomcat 4.1.27, Weblogic Server ( 6.1 -> 8.0), including production clusters, JCE with Sun and BouncyCastle providers, Cybersource payment processing software, Out-bound HTTPS client work ( JSSE ), SSL with Client certificates, JAAS, Struts UI support, Taxware Services, Extensive Ant build, package, deploy experience, Maven 1.x experience

Production scaling, trouble shooting, and security work for hosted services for wireless telco and Wi-Fi hot-spot vendors including: ATT Wireless, Cingular, Nextel, Starz, Altell, Dobso

Amazon.com, Senior Software Engineer May, 1998 - May, 2001

Systems and Deployment Software Engineer

Java Services Platform : (5/1998 - 12/1998) Co-Architected and Implemented amazon.com's first Java Services Platform. Designed, Developed, Deployed Removals Service as functional demonstration of platform and services issues. The Java based 3 tier service provided distribution center operations specialist with a GUI front end to asses, execute, and track distributor returns of non-optimal inventory assets. Estimated ROI on first 2 year's deployment > $10 million.

VendorMaster Service: (1/1999 - 6/2000) Co-Designed, Developed, Deployed Java based 3 tier service to provide enterprise access to all Vendor related information.
- Worked with users to gather use cases.
- Worked with enterprise data modelers to create a scalable Entity Relations Diagram (ERD), consisting of over 70 tables.
- Co-designed and implemented Object-Relation mapping / code generation tools.
- Design flexible, stable, deployment mechanism and process to facilitate production, beta, QA, and development users.
- Implemented flexible Unit Testing Framework (JUnit) for system. - Designed and Implemented flexible security and preferences system for service. - Evolved platform into a high availability 24/7/365 Enterprise Service.
- Estimated ROI on first 2 year's deployment > $25 million.

Supply Chain Ordering Systems: (6/2000 - 5/2001)
- Improved the core Ordering Systems that support product replenishment, consignment purchases and out-of-print items; these systems include a mix of shell, Perl, C and Java that access Oracle databases.
- Analyzed, Designed, and Managed the Porting of back-end Supply Chain Ordering Systems from OSF1 to Linux. This included porting, testing and deploying several hundred applications in C, Perl, Java, shell scripts, and configuration scripts. The key goals of risk mitigation and seamless transition where met successfully.
- Analyzed, Designed, and Implemented all changes required for the back-end Supply Chain system for the launch of amazon.jp
- Interviewed and Mentored new hires and interns and led medium-scale projects within the group.
- Constantly worked with business users to gather requirements and define scopes of projects.
- Supported production system including "on-call" (24/7) pager duties.


University of Washington, Continuing Education, (6/1991 - 8/1994)

- Course work in Human Factors and Interface Design, Computer Science, and Non-linear Dynamics.

Santa Fe Institute , Graduate Research Scholar, (2/1992 - 8/1992)

- Explored the theory and applications of Complex Adaptive Systems

University of Delaware , BS in Computer Science, (9/1986 - 6/1990)

- Course work in Operating Systems, AI, Continuous Dynamic Simulations, Neurobiology, Cognition, and Digital Circuit Design